Tri-Estuary Challenge

Challenge your Angling skills and catch all 5 species

Cash Plus Goods Prize Pool

20th & 21st November 2021

Location: Bega River Estuary, Merimbula Lake including Merimbula Back Lake &Pambula Lake and Rivers

Cost: $30 entry, Free for Juniors

5 Species: Bream, Dusky Flathead, Trevally, Tailor & Whiting

Entries and Briefing: Friday 19th November; Merimbula Big Game & Lakes Angling Clubrooms, Spencer Park; Open 4.00pm – 7.00pm for entries, briefing
and pick up Tokens. Depending on social distancing rules, briefing may
be documentary. .

To be eligible for prizes Dusky Flathead and Bream are required to be released after photograph. MBGLAC encourage catch and release for all other species. All fish to be photographed on DPI brag mat with the issued token clearly displayed. Unless exempt all anglers must hold a NSW Fishing Licence.

Weighmaster forms and Rules down load the PFD 

To Registration and pay by Direct Debit , Clubroom or Briefing

To Registration and pay by PAY PAL



Bream: 1st Prize $400,  2nd Prize – Rod and reel combo to the value of $170
D. Flathead: 1st Prize $300,  2nd Prize – Lure pack to the value of $80
Trevally: 1st Prize $150,  2nd Prize Lure pack to the value of $50
Whiting: 1st Prize $150,  2nd Prize Lure pack to the value of $50
Tailor: 1st Prize $100


Bream: 1st Prize $30 plus trophy
D. Flathead: 1st Prize $30 plus trophy
Trevally: 1st Prize $30 plus trophy
Whiting: 1st Prize $30 plus trophy
Tailor: 1st Prize $30 plus trophy

• There will be awarded one prize only per person per species.
• Lucky Draw Juniors – rod/reel combo to the value of $130.00


All fish must be presented via a photo on a DPI brag mat showing the token. Photos will be scrutinised by the Weighmaster, who may adjust the length claimed or reject the photo totally. Brag mats may be purchased from the club for $10 any time.


Bega River and estuary, Merimbula Lake and Merimbula Back Lake & Pambula Lake and Rivers, upstream from their mouths.


Fish must be caught by rod and reel, and comply with NSW DPI Fisheries regulations.

MBGLAC and the DPI encourage and recommend the use of Circle hooks when using bait, especially for large flathead
using strip and live baits.

FISHING TIMES – Please note

On Saturday, 20th November, fishing commences at 5.00am and stops at 8pm.

On Sunday, 21st November, fishing commences at 5am and stops prior to 3pm.

There will be no fishing after dark. Please note requirements for submission of Record Sheets.


Anglers are required to fill in the date, time of capture and lengths as specified for all legal length fish.

All photos and completed/filled in record sheets must be in the hands of the weighmaster by 3.00pm on Sunday 21st Nov.

This means the record sheets must be filled in and completed by 3pm. If record sheets are not completed by 3pm, fish will be ineligible for prizes.


The MBGLAC clubhouse is the official station. The Weighmaster available from 2.00pm. All record sheets must be verified and signed by the weighmaster.


Fish are judged by length, not weight. All fish are measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail, as per DPI regulations using a DPI Brag Mat. Quality photo clearly showing Brag Mat, Token and full length of fish is required to be presented.


The presentation will be held at the MBGLAC clubrooms at approx. 4.00pm on Sunday 21st Nov. Or as otherwise instructed subject to social distancing requirements.

Additional prizes may be awarded at the Committee’s discretion. A sausage sizzle will commence at 3.00pm be provided for a
gold coin donation.