The MBGLAC welcomes all members and visitors to participate in our 2022 Snapper Classic. With sponsorship from Eden Outboards, Twofold Carpentry and the Bega Valley Shire Council.

Download the Snapper Classic rules and entry form

Adult Entry Fee $40 

Junior Entry Fee $5.00

Juniors can pay an adult entry fee if they wish to fish in Adult category. Juniors under 16 years as at 15th of May 2022


As an entrant, I will ensure that all fishing practices are in accordance with the current NSW Fisheries regulations. I understand that the decisions of the Merimbula Big Game & Lakes Angling Club Inc tournament committee are final in any disputes. I will indemnify MBGLAC and all of its members and sponsors in the event of any loss or injury suffered in conjunction with this event. I further understand that all insurance is my own responsibility and the boat is seaworthy and in compliance with NSW Boating Regulations.

2022 Snapper Classic Tournament Prizes


Longest  Snapper $600.00

2nd $300.00

3rd $200.00

Only one individual prize to be awarded to an angler


Longest Snapper $100.00  plus trophy 

2nd $  50.00  plus trophy

3rd All other Junior entrants who catch a legal length snapper will receive a $30.00 Tackleworld voucher 

Only one individual prize to be awarded to an angler

Junior trophies proudly sponsored by Twofold Carpentry and Home Maintenance

Individual Angler – Longest Bag of 5

(excludes fish which is an individual winner)

Adult $300.00

Junior $100.00

Boat – Longest bag of 5

(excludes any fish which is an individual winner)

1st $400.00

All or any fish that win an individual length prize are ineligible to be included in any Longest 5 category prize.

Only one prize per boat

Mystery Lengths x 3

1st $100.00  

2nd $100.00  

3rd $100.00

***All anglers are requested to nominate one (1) fish for inclusion in the    Mystery Length draws.  Circle or asterisk the nominated fish and its length.***

Lucky Angler Prize x 2

1st $200.00

2nd $100.00

Prizes only awarded to registered entrants

Event Rules

Fishing Times

Fishing may commence at 5.30am on Saturday 14th of May, and must cease by 2.00pm Sunday 15th of May. Fish caught outside this time will NOT be eligible for prizes.

Fishing Waters

Goalan Head to southern end of Disaster Bay – all MBGLAC fishing waters


In the event of a Gale warning from the BOM, fishing ceases from the time issued and fishing will recommence when the Gale warning is cancelled. 

The Tournament Committee may cancel or post pone the tournament in severe weather conditions.

Fish Measurement

Prizes are based on the length of the fish measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. All fish must be measured and photographed on a DPI brag mat. 

All photographs must contain your Snapper Classic Token.

In the event of a tie, the earliest capture time and date prevails. 

All fish must comply with NSW DPI Regulations. Minimum legal length 30cm.

The Club encourages the measure and release of fish entered.

DPI Brag Mats are available for sale from the clubrooms for $10.00.

Official Measuring Station

To be eligible for tournament prizes, fish lengths and photographs, clearly containing the token in the image, must be strictly available no later than 3.00pm at the Clubhouse on Sunday 15th of May, 2022. 

Please hand in a copy of your fish record sheet for DPI data records. All fish catch times and dates must be entered.

***All capture record sheets must be at the clubhouse, fully completed, no later than 3.00pm on Sunday 15th of May, 2022.   This means the Record Sheets must be filled in and completed and handed to the weighmaster by 3pm.  If Record Sheets are not completed by 3pm, fish will be ineligible for prizes.


This fishing competition is open to all anglers holding a current NSW Fishing Licence or are exempt from holding a Licence. The sale of fish is prohibited by NSW law, and anglers are encouraged to take only the fish they need. Unwanted fish should be released alive.


Registrations are available on line at or at the Tournament Briefing on Friday, 13th May, 2022, commencing 4pm at the MBGLAC Clubrooms. 

Entry fee is $40.00 per adult and $5.00 for Children under 16.

Attendance at the Tournament Briefing

All registered anglers will be required to obtain a Token for inclusion in all fish photos submitted in this tournament.

Tokens will be available from the Clubrooms commencing 4pm 13th of May.

At least one member of the team/family must attend the briefing. It is the responsibility of this team member to ensure that the other team members are aware of the tournament rules.

 Our Club is COVID Registered and we operate according to NSW Government COVID compliance laws. Subject to COVID constraints, a number of briefings will be held commencing 4:00pm.

Adjustments to Length Via Digital Photos

The acceptance of a digital photo for prizes will be at the discretion of the Committee. Changes to the apparent length will be made in circumstances where the photo does not appear to represent the true length of the fish. The decision of the committee is final.

Fishing Etiquette

All teams must fish from the same vessel and respect the space of other boats, and not come within 30 metres of each other whilst fishing. Boats in disregard of this requirement may face disqualification from the event.

Marine Rescue

We recommend all boat operators log in with NSW Marine Rescue when venturing offshore.   This can be done via the Marine Rescue App or via your marine radio.   

Further, all boaters are reminded it is compulsory to wear life jackets when crossing a bar AND when fishing at night.


The presentation will held at the MBGLAC clubrooms at Spencer Park at 4.00pm on Sunday 15th May, 2022. 

If bad weather or otherwise restricts fishing times, an earlier Presentation may be held.

Free Sausage Sizzle at Presentation.

All or any stated or additional prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the tournament committee.