39th Merimbula Open 2019

Tournament run in perfect June weather

Local angler Heather Sutterby loves game fishing but her fishing partner/Captain was overseas and Heather looked like being stranded for the Queens Birthday Merimbula Open.

Heather emailed all and sundry as “Desperate and Boatless” but to no avail and it looked like there wasn’t a berth available until Brian Schofield one of the East Coasts master game anglers welcomed Heather to join him and his daughter Kaitlyn on board Shockwave.

The rest is history. Heather caught her first ever Yellowfin Tuna and has become Tournament winner, congratulations. During the Tournament a second yellowfin of 52Kg was captured by Andrew Nelson co-captain of Deduction and one was tagged and released by John Rumbold on Snappy Tom Captained by Robert Wood. Two Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) were tagged and released and a variety of sharks; blue, mako and thresher were also tagged and released.

Congratulations to all.