Catch & Release Section

This year there is a seperate section for Catch & Release.  Bream and Dusky Flathead are excluded from the Allowable Species for the Fish Auction however there is a seperate competition being held in conjunction with Gala Day.  Species on the list for donation can still be donated from the Estuary but now, you have a chance to win prizes for the Longest Bream & Longest Dusky Flathead each day.

Bream & Duskies must be Photographed on a DPI Brag Mat, available from the Club.  Fish must be measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.  Fish measured on anything other than a DPI Brag Mat will not be considered 

Prizes are yet to be Finalised however there will be substantial prizes for both Bream & Dusky Flathead each day for adults and Juniors.

Longest Bream Day 1  –  Adult & Junior

Longest Dusky Day 1 – Adult & Junior

Longest Bream Day 2  –  Adult & Junior

Longest Dusky Day 2 –  Adult & Junior