Whales Galore, Breaching and Tail and Fin Slapping to Communicate when Strong Winds make the Seas Noisy.

Photo Caption: School Holidays and 8 yr old Hayden Boyle of Wangaratta Victoria, shows his first ever catch and release snapper in Merimbula Lake.

Does Merimbula need a sandbag groin to protect the sand spit between Fishpen and Bar Beach? The spit has been breached by a second channel flowing to the SW and because the tidal flow spread over two channels the entrance is becoming very shallow. Extra care is needed for exit and entry across the bar. Don’t forget your life jackets.

With the recent periods of strong winds and choppy seas there has been some spectacular whale activity off the Sapphire Coast. The sight of humpback whales breaking the surface and slapping their fins on the water is a true spectacle – but the animals don’t do it just for show. David Attenborough tells us that when the seas are rough and noisy all the splashing is about messaging other whales, and the big splashes are for long-distance calls.

Some really excellent snapper have been taken off Haycock Point and North Head at about 20 fathoms. Best bait fresh slimy mackerel. There are also good snapper and morwong from White Rock, Long Point and Lennards Island. North from Bournda Island and White Rock flathead are patchy and anglers continue to battle with chinamen leatherjacks. Best flathead are coming from off the Tura Headland at 20 fathoms. Further north try off Kianinny and Cowdroys at 18 fathoms.

Dusky flathead have been reported together with trevally in the Merimbula main lake and at Pambula in the Broadwater. The Bega River remains closed so try the rockwall up from the launching ramp for bream and estuary perch and near the bridge for dusky flathead. Soft plastics, hard bodies and peeled prawns often the best baits.

Squid remain a staple at the Merimbula Wharf. The challenge for the keen angler are schools of Kingfish which occasionally frequent the area.

This is the first notice for MBGLAC’s Tri Estuary fishing competition scheduled for the weekend of 2-3 November. After the football finals and the Bathurst car racing this is the time to seriously commence the summer estuary fishing season. Details on the Club’s website.

Last Friday the Club hosted John Smythe secretary of Abalone Association of NSW who presented to an audience of some 40 Members and visitors the growing sea urchin problem. Sea urchins are devouring the weedy habitat off our reefs leaving barrens unable to support fish and abalone stocks. He outlined a possible small scale research program to rehabilitate the reef around Merimbula Wharf, restoring the habitat and increase fishing opportunities.

This Friday 11 October is one of the few that the Club will be closed due to the annual Club Trip away to Wonboyn Lake. It will re-open on Friday October 18 when you may enjoy the fishing report, the ambience, friendship and lovely views with very competitive bar prices. All enquires to Lindon Thompson on 0411 873 880. Membership Application, Membership Renewal and everything you need to know about local fishing is on the Club’s Website: www.mbglac.com.au

Keep your rods bent!