Merimbula Lake Jewel of the South.

Photo caption: From the left; Members David Sydenham, Heather Sutterby and Ron Vanderdrift on board Reel Jem Captained by Glenn Pollock with three magnificent Southern Bluefin Tuna taken off Merimbula.

Club members enjoyed an inspirational presentation last Friday evening from Jillian Reynolds Fisheries Manager, NSW Department of Primary Industries Coastal Systems. With excellent diagrams and photographs Jillian explained the critical importance of our coastal estuaries and especially seagrass, fringing mangroves and saltmarsh wetland areas for fish breeding and regeneration. Jillian also showed an example of the rehabilitation of an area of river bank protection work at Boggy Creek Millingandi and concluded by telling us that Merimbula Lake is clean and healthy and a Jewel of the NSW southern estuaries.

At last a break in the weather and Merimbula’s intrepid game fishing anglers are once again out some 80km from shore hunting the elusive but prized southern bluefin tuna, stay tuned!

Good flathead are available north of Bournda. Further south good flathead can be found now at 20 fathoms off Tura Headland, Tura Beach Golf Course and Short Point.

With inshore ocean temperatures in some areas down to 15 degrees snapper and morwong have become patchy about the local reefs. Try North Head and Boyds Tower off Eden at 17 fathoms. Both soft plastics and pilchard baits are very effective. Best to be anchored and using a bottom berly bomb.

Good drummer remain on the bite off our headlands using cunjevoi as bait. Tailor and salmon are also reporting from the headlands as well as the beaches. Best late afternoon on the higher tides.

The beginning of the run-in from the sea is good for bream and trevally particularly over the shallows in the Merimbula Lake. Nippers without a sinker or soft plastics will get results. Reports from the Bega River which remains closed talk of trevally and dusky flathead on the sea side of the bridge at Mogareeka and good bream just upstream.

On Friday 26 July we welcome Dr Heath Folpp, Manager Fisheries Enhancement & Occupational Diving, NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) from Coffs Harbour who will be presenting on the Merimbula artificial reef structures. The Club will be open from 6.30pm and all are welcome to visit and listen to Heaths talk. The Club is participating in the artificial reef monitoring program using baited remote underwater video (BRUV) equipment. You can also enjoy the fishing report, the ambience, friendship and lovely views with very competitive bar prices. All enquires to Lindon Thompson on 0411 873 880. Membership Application, Membership Renewal and everything you need to know about local fishing is on the Club’s Website:

Keep your rods bent!