The Ocean off Merimbula Bay is Alive with Whales and Dolphins.

Photo Caption: Local Angler Paul Brenchley of Tura Beach shows an enormous early morning calamari squid taken from the Merimbula Wharf.

Off Merimbula Bay there are lots and lots of whales both humpback and minke feeding on baitfish. Easy to find by the scads of birds diving in and feeding on the bait scraps surrounding the whales. Even though both humpback and minke have baleen for filtering their favourite dish krill they obviously enjoy our local baitfish.

It’s a good time to fish for salmon off the beaches while our strong springtime westerly winds are blowing. Salmon and good tailor are best near the top of the run-in tide early morning and evening. Try North Tura, Haycock and Aslings.

Water temperatures are rising (15-16 degrees) and when you can get out there are snapper and morwong from White Rock, Long Point, Haycock, Horseshoe Reef and Lennards Island. Best depths about 19 fathoms. Locally there are a fair number of bait fish around as seen by the whale activity and beneath often good snapper. Good flathead are reported from 20 fathoms off the Golf Course at Tura Beach. Flathead remain a staple off Cowdroys, try 18 fathoms.

Bream are spawning in the Bega River with most gathered near Thompsons. Down river near Mogareeka some good tailor respond to silver lures, best early morning and evening. Some dusky flathead have been reported together with trevally in the Merimbula main lake as the water warms and we approach October, the given start of the estuary fishing season.

The Merimbula Fishing platform has yellowtail and a few slimy mackerel. Burley is a must to bring the bait fish onto the bite. Calamari squid are falling to those with patience using mostly red colored jigs.

John Smythe’s scheduled presentation about the Sea Urchin Problem and his outline for a possible small scale program that the Angling Club may be interested in to rehabilitate the reef around Merimbula Wharf has been postponed to Friday 4 October. Not John’s doing, most Club members want to watch the AFL finals!

The Club will be open on Friday 20 September, the TV will be on! You can also enjoy the fishing report, the ambience, friendship and lovely views with very competitive bar prices. Darragh Reynolds is the scheduled host. All enquires to Lindon Thompson on 0411 873 880. Membership Application, Membership Renewal and everything you need to know about local fishing is on the Club’s Website:

Keep your rods bent!