NSW GFA and Member Clubs suspend all sport fishing

Photo Caption: 5 yr old Lachlan Wilkins with his first ever bream, taken from the shore near the bridge at Mogareeka.

We cannot condone breaking of any of the restrictions and social distancing rules handed down by the Federal & State governments and so our fishing report is for those who fish alone abiding by the exercise and distancing rules or with companions and children from the one household. In hindsight it may well be found that time spent quietly angling might have kept more than one household at peace through these trying times.
As of midnight the 26th of March 2020 The NSW Game Fishing Association has suspended all sport fishing including for records or trophies until further notice.
The Merimbula Big Game & Lakes Angling Club has already ceased all meetings & club activities as well as postponing its tournaments.
Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner Stacey Tannos is appealing to recreational boaters to stay on shore during the crisis, but assures the boating community that it remains ready to respond to emergencies. Please note that the bar at Merimbula remains shallow and one should take extreme care crossing in small craft. This has arisen due to a false channel developed past Mitchies Jetty spreading the current flow over a wide area and limiting the normal channel scouring near the navigation buoy. Incidents continue to be reported.

MBGLAC citizen science monitoring of the Merimbula Artificial Reefs shows sea temps of 20 degrees at surface and 18 degrees at 30m depth. Species noted recently include small bearded cod, mado, lots of eastern blue spotted flathead, yellowtail, sweep, some juvenile snapper, banjo rays, tailor and a boar fish all showing that the reefs are supporting a growing population of local fish.

Flathead remain on the chew in Merimbula Bay, at Tura Head at 16 fathoms and at 25 fathoms off Haycock Beach.

For land based anglers good size Australian salmon are very active at Long Point and Tura Headland. Try ganged hooks and pilchards. Try Tura, Merimbula, Haycock, and Aslings beaches.

There is good land based fishing at Mogareeka where one can move around to get the best shelter from prevailing winds. On offer are mullet, bream, trevally and doubtless the one metre dusky flathead are still about, try pilchards or soft plastics.

All along the Merimbula channel down from the bridge trevally, dusky flathead the occasional flounder and bream remain on the chew. Fish from around the bridge, the Marina, the MBGLAC jetty and the Merimbula Wharf – abide by distance rules. Best time is low tide with soft plastics, nippers or pilchard baits. In Merimbula Lake tailor are ever-present as well as dusky flathead, bream. Try off the boadwalk in the top lake area.

At the Merimbula Wharf luderick remain patchy but some good catches are reported using artificial weed flies. Some lovely Australian salmon have been taken using bibbed Rapala lures. Calamari squid are best taken before dawn and after sunset, try a slow sinking No.3 jig.

Unable to ensure “social distancing” the MBGLAC has closed its traditional Friday evenings members and visitors get-together at the Clubhouse. The situation will be monitored. Membership Application, Membership Renewal and everything you need to know about local fishing is on the Club’s Website: www.mbglac.com.au. All enquires to Peter Haar 0417 021 066.

Keep your rods bent!