Wild weather suits board riders while anglers sharpen their hooks.

Photo Caption: Alan Wilkins show his magnificent 1.7m long gummy shark taken off the inside of the Horseshoe Reef south of Haycock Point

From June 1st NSW citizens will be able take recreational trips across NSW, as long as they maintain social distancing and good hygiene. Travelers from interstate will be able to visit NSW but will need to comply with the rules of their home state when returning.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said lifting the holiday travel restriction will give everyone a much needed break and help get small businesses and the tourism industry moving again. “I must stress to everyone that, while we want people to enjoy a well-earned holiday, we must do this responsibly and continue to abide by physical distancing measures, as the last thing we want is further outbreaks that will force us to reintroduce restrictions.”

Wild weather due to a low pressure system in the Tasman Sea has curtailed offshore anglers over the past few days but as conditions improve we look forward to getting back out to our favorite marks. Snapper and morwong should be firing along reef areas from White Rock, Long Point, Haycock, Lennards, North Head, Boyds Tower, Mowarry and along the reef edges between Saltwater Beach and Green Cape. Best time is early morning and evening with the change of tide.

Take care over the Merimbula Bar, remember Marine Rescue Merimbula is restricted to crossing the bar to only between 3 hours before high tide and 2 hours after.

Good size ocean flathead were reported off Tura Headland at 17 fathoms and off Short Point at 10 fathoms. After the blow let’s see where they turn up. Australian salmon are available running off our beaches and headlands, wait until the seas aren’t so rough. Silver spinners or ganged pilchards are the way to go.

In the Merimbula Top Lake activity is continuing to slow as the temperature drops. Tailor are ever-present as well as bream, some dusky flathead and trevally.
At Mogareeka in the Bega River soft plastic and metal vibe lures give best results for bream, trevally and dusky flathead as there is less encouragement for swarms of small bream which continually strip any bait presented.

The Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club will commence its fishing year on June 1st where anglers earn championship points based on species length photographed on DPI brag mats. MBGLAC Membership Application, Membership Renewal and everything you need to know about local fishing is on the Club’s Website: www.mbglac.com.au. All enquires to Peter Haar 0417 021 066.

Keep your rods bent!