Anglers on Lookout for Elusive Yellowfin Tuna

Photo Caption: Not to be outdone from last weeks magnificent almost 1.7m fish, this week Alan Wilkins has upgraded his local Gummy (flake) tally to 1.71m. This plus 30 kilo gummy is held by Alan and Martin Bartlett, Captain of Lucky 1.

In lieu of the 40th Merimbula Open which was scheduled for the long weekend but postponed to the following year, this long weekend June 6-8 the club will run a social event in search for the elusive yellowfin tuna. Commencing 7.00am Saturday and finishing Monday 5.00pm, this event is open to members and their guests with free entry. Offshore anglers Shane Mayberry and Ole Ersvaer are to be congratulated for their fine catch of blue eye from the depths beyond the edge of the continental shelf.

With benign weather following last weeks blow there is certainly good snapper on the chew with some lovely fish being landed from off White Rock, Long Point, Hunter Reef, Horshoe Reef, Lennards, North Head and Boyds Tower. Best time is early morning and evening with a change of tide. Try squid and pilchard baits.

Take care exiting the Merimbula Lake as the channel has moved significantly westwards and many boats are hitting shallows where there was once the main channel.  Aim for the western side of the MBGLAC fish cleaning pontoon.

There are large schools of slimy mackerel bait fish underlain by cuta at the artificial reefs. Ocean flathead are widespread but of generally mediocre size. Australian salmon are available running off our beaches and headlands, silver spinners or ganged pilchards are the way to go.

In the Merimbula Top Lake tailor plus a few dusky flathead, bream and trevally remain on the bite. Don’t forget there are some large octopuses in the deep holes at Merimbula. Dusky flathead are reported from Wallagoot Lake and at
Mogareeka in the Bega River.

The Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club commenced its fishing year on June 1st where anglers earn championship points based on species length photographed on DPI brag mats. MBGLAC Membership Application, Membership Renewal and everything you need to know about local fishing is on the Club’s Website: All enquires to Peter Haar 0417 021 066.

Keep your rods bent!