2016 grudge match between Eden, Pambula & Merimbula.

This year we saw Merimbula being the host club and from Merimbula’s point of view we had approximately 18 anglers who participated. There was a large build up to the comp and all our anglers had great anticipation of regaining the trophy from Eden and the most sought after cup from Pambula.
The weather on Saturday was fair with a medium swell running and a SSW wind blowing at 10 knots (fishable). All boats had their weighin’s and all cloke and dagger weights were recorded.  Sunday the weather was fine but fishing low.

Merimbula being the host club prepared a great lunch with porterhouse steak, sausages, baked potatoes with sour cream, coldslaw, salad and many different sauces to accompany ones taste.  A fantastic dessert was presented with fruit salad and ice cream, Pavlova, a sponge cake and tea and coffee to finish up the meal.

The next item on the agenda was to see who the champion club for the 24 species that were on offer was.  To cut it short Merimbula came 3rd with only 35 points, Eden second with 55 points and the victorious Pambula club taking home the gold with a total of 80 points.  Well done Pambula on a great effort.

At the presentations we had approximately 65 to 70 people and I can assure you everybody walked away satisfied with the meal and also the outcome of the result.

A special thank you to Tom & Yvonne Scott, Yvonne Young, Merrily Bell along with the  cooks Geoff Knox, Stuart Green, Darrah,  Paul Jones, Angela Skitt, Sandra Wood & Julie Novotney.
Next year Eden will be the host club and I only hope that Merimbula can rustle up some more anglers.  All up it was a great weekend and it was great to meet new and old friends from both clubs.

Robert Wood (SNAP)