Mex's Trophy


Wonboyn Lake,  23rd – 25th October

The venue selected is the Wonboyn Lake Resort at  Wonboyn Lake 

 You can look up the Wonboyn Lake Resort here ;  make your own booking.


This event is open to all Members with no entry fee to fish required – it is a fun event with a Club BBQ on Saturday evening when the winner is presented with the Trophy.   This leaves Sunday for an orderly exit and normal fishing for those who would like to stay on.  For the BBQ, if possible, please bring a plate either sweets or salad.  The Club will provide the rest.
Merrily Bell of is trip organiser and can be reached by email or by phone 0427 011 074 to provide details.

 The Event Rules

  1. Entry is free for all Members and Guests – integrity is the order of the day
  2. The Club endorses Catch and Release only fish photographed on a DPI brag mat will be accepted.
  3. Fishing commences 12.00pm Friday 11th  October and ceases 5.00pm on Saturday 12th October.
  4. Weigh in (photos) will remain open until 6.00pm
  5. The venue is the fishing zone of Wonboyn Lake
  6. The Mex Williams Trophy is awarded for the longest Dusky Flathead
  7. Prizes will also be awarded for the “best” fish for gents and ladies and also for junior boys and girls.

2020 Mex's Trip Away

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