Fishing Report Week 21 May 19th 2024

A nice bag of snapper off our local reefs.

The larger fish measuring up at just over 50cm.

Outside flathead fishing is still fishing well with sand and tiger flathead still biting in depths of 30 to 45 meters off Tura Heads back to Long Point.  There are also a few gummy sharks being caught in those flathead grounds.  There are quite a few smaller gummies to 800 mm long and the occasional large female in amongst them.  Best baits at the moment are fresh salmon pieces.

The reefs are also fishing well, with some nice snapper being caught on floating baits and line fishing.  There are also morwong, six spine leather jackets and a few calamari squid being caught.  Best baits are pilchards, fresh squid and lures.  Try some Gulp Jerk Shads in 5 inch with a 3/8 or ½ ounce weighted head with a 4/0 hook.

The salmon are still being caught on our beaches with a few tailor at the end of the day when fishing on a rising tide using pilchards as bait.  There are also salmon being caught off most headlands using lures and there are large schools of them in Merimbula front lake at present.  There are also a few large tailor in amongst these large schools too.  Lures seem to be the best way of catching these fish.  Hard bodied lures like 70mm Double Clutches and soft plastics are getting results.

Lake Eucumbene is still fishing okay.  Rainbow and brown trout are being caught off the banks using Power Bait in chunky cheese colour.  Fly fishing using Mrs Simpsons and small Wooly Buggers are catching fish.  The lake is still dropping, sitting at 52%.

The estuaries at Merimbula and Pambula are fishing well with bream and trevally being caught and I heard of a couple of King George whiting getting caught off the pub jetty at Merimbula recently.  There are plenty of salmon below the bridge at Merimbula and the top lake at Merimbula has some large tailor to 60cm with trevally and a few dusky flathead still being caught.

The game fishing scene is still vey quiet with nothing to report.

This weekend coming is the Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Snapper Classic competition with registrations starting at 5.30pm on Friday night at the MBGLAC clubrooms.  Come down and register, enjoy a beverage, grab a raffle ticket and catch up on the week’s fishing.  All welcome, hope to see you there.


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Fishing Report Week 20 – May 12th 2024

With the weather over the weekend, fishing activity was limited. I did get some reports from a couple of boats that fished on Thursday before the weather came in. 

The flathead fishing outside was still fishing pretty well off Tura Heads to Long Point. They were catching some nice sand flathead to 40cm in 30 to 40 meters of water. they also caught a few just legal tiger flathead. There were plenty of undersized flathead in closer to shore. Best bait was fresh salmon fillets. 

Salmon and the odd tailor can be caught trolling around the head lands using 100mm skirted lures traveling at around 6 knots. They’re still catching both salmon and tailor off most beaches fishing the rising tides. There are also salmon starting to move into the Merimbula Lake and they have been in the Pambula and Tathra systems as well.

The reef fishing before the rain was pretty good with reports of nice plate size snapper to 42cm, morwong to 38cm and a couple of nice six spine leatherjackets. Best baits were fresh yellowtail fillets and squid. There are also some larger model snapper being caught on soft plastics for those that are keen. Some large calamari squid have been caught by those weighting a jig and leaving it a couple of meters off the bottom while their drifting over the reefs.

The estuaries at Merimbula, Tathra and Pambula are all fishing great, and the rain will only improve the fishing. Bream, trevally, dusky flathead, tailor, salmon and the odd mulloway are being caught. Bait fishing with fresh nippers in the channels around the drains should catch a feed. Or casting blade style lures and hopping them on the bottom has been working for some.

For freshwater fishing, I got one report from last weekend. They fished at Middling bank for a 6-hour period, catching twelve rainbow and brown trout to 40cm in length. They caught the majority on powerbait and got a couple on lures. All fish were caught off the bank. The Brown trout spawn run is now underway with the brown trout heading up the rivers with the recent rains. If you are chasing those spawning fish, please catch and release them as they’re the future of natural breeding trout in our lakes.

There is nothing to report on the game fishing front except the water temperature has risen to about 21 degrees and I am told there are a heap of sharks getting about.

The Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club is open every Friday night from 6pm.  Come down for a drink, buy a raffle ticket to win a meat tray, get involved in the fishing report and enjoy the company. We have the Snapper Classic on May 25th and 26th  coming up soon. Hope to see you there Friday night. 


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Fishing Report Week 19 May 5th 2024

Unfortunately, the commercial trap fishermen are giving it a flogging at present

Junior member Jackson Lee with an excellent snapper of 57cm caught on a lure off our local reefs on the weekend.

Outside flathead fishing is still pretty good, although I heard there were a lot more smaller fish in the mix over the last week. However, there are still good numbers of larger sand and tiger flathead there to be caught. Best areas and depths are Bournda island back to Long Point in depths of 40 to 55 meters, but fifty meters seemed to provide the most fish. Also, odd gummy sharks, flying gurnard and a few arrow squid being caught as well. 

The reefs are coming to life now. Unfortunately, the commercial trap fishermen are giving it a flogging at present, so keep an eye out for there buoys floating on the surface, especially in the low light times when most of us are heading out or coming home. As I heard of a couple of vessels have run over them in the low light periods of late. There are a few fish being caught over the last week off the reefs, some good numbers of snapper being caught off North Head off Eden and the odd fish off Haycock as well as a few morwong and nannygai. Best baits are pilchards and squid, and soft plastics are also getting a few as well. The Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club are holding their Snapper Classic fishing competition on the 25th and 26th of May, so now it’s time to get your boat ready and a couple of practice sessions in before the comp.

There are still a few bonito being caught off the wharf and around the headlands. Plenty of salmon too. The salmon are starting to school up in the estuaries, I heard of a large school in the Bega River at Tathra last week, fish of 65cm long and they would not eat anything. They are also on most of the local beaches with tailor too.

The estuaries are all fishing very well at the moment, with good numbers of bream, dusky flathead, tailor, trevally and still a few mulloway being caught.  Up in the top lake at Merimbula, trevally to 50cm have been trolled up and spun up using silver flashing lures letting them sink under the bait schools the tailor are working, and there have been a few dusky flathead sitting on the bottom picking up the pieces also. 

The trout fishing is cooling down quickly with the daytime temperatures only reaching 12 degrees, time for the woolly coats up there. The trout are now moving toward the rivers for there spawning months and with the recent rains that could happen sooner rather than later. Bait and fly fishing around the edges is producing a few extra fish. Power bait for the bank fisher people and trawling with yellow winged tassie devils has its days too. The season is now closed for Australian Bass and Estuary Perch for their spawning run, so if you catch any they must be released if you are fishing in rivers from the dams to the salt where they will spawn around July. Dam fishing is still allowed, and you can still keep those fish.

The game fishing is over for the moment, the water has cooled too much for the marlin fishing and now we are waiting for the yellowfin tuna to turn up. In the meantime, a bit of deep dropping could catch you a feed with fish such as blue eye, ling, gem fish and sea perch on the menu for those that are keen. 

The Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club rooms are open every Friday evening opening at 6pm till 9pm if the crowds are there. All are welcome to enjoy the raffles, fishing reports and friendly conversation. Don’t forget the upcoming Snapper Classic on May 25th and 26th, check the clubs website at for details. Hope to see you there.

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Fishing Report Week 18 April 28th 2024

The outside fishing is still providing a good feed.

Riley Holley and Braydon Sharman with trevally caught over the weekend in Merimbula Lake. They will be in the draw for the monthly species event, being trevally.

The outside fishing is still providing a good feed. There were plenty of boats out wetting a line over the weekend with the perfect weather forecast. Flathead fishing is still fishing the best with good catches of sand flathead still coming from Tura heads in depths of thirty to fifty meters, and also straight out off Long Point in fifty meters. There are also odd gummy sharks and flying gurnard being caught whilst chasing the flathead. Unfortunately, there are still oceanic toads nipping rigs off in the flathead grounds. 

The reefs are still slow off Merimbula. With inshore water temperatures hovering around seventeen degrees, hopefully they come to life soon. We have not seen any bait fish like slimy mackerel around this year in shore like other years, maybe that is why the snapper are scarce! If you are trying, there have been a few morwong and occasional small snapper being caught. I have heard that Eden’s South Heads is giving anglers a few snapper to 50cm, so maybe its worth heading a bit further south. 

Salmon have been getting caught off the Merimbula wharf, using live yellowtail for bait under a float and casting lures. There are also salmon and tailor being caught on the beaches fishing in the gutters with pilchards for bait. Best beaches are Tura Beach, North Tura Beach and Tathra Beach.

Our lakes are still fishing very well. Merimbula Lake below the bridge has plenty of bream, trevally, blackfish, and some salmon in the channel. A little bit of burley and some pilchard pieces will catch you a feed. In the top lake, trevally and tailor are being trolled up, with flathead and some legal pinky snapper being caught on baits such as nippers and pilchard pieces. 

The freshwater scene at Lake Eucumbene is fishing well. Trout are being caught off the bank using power bait, worms, and mud eyes, and trolling the edges using tassie devils with gold wings is also getting fish. These fish are enjoying the cooler temperatures, but our bass fishing is not. The odd fish are still being caught at Brogo dam and in the rivers, but the cooling temperatures will see them shut down very soon.

The marlin game fishing is all but over with the water temperature dropping to nineteen degrees over the weekend. Peter Haar tagged a marlin last Tuesday, but there was a lot of bait around then, and on the weekend, it was very patchy, and no fish caught. Now we wait in hope of a Tuna season down on the far south coast.

The Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club rooms are open every Friday night.  This Friday being the first of May, we have the species draw which is trevally. Get your trevally pics to the club by 7pm to be in the draw. Also, we have two meat trays supported by Goodall’s butchers in our raffles amongst other prizes, so come on down.  The club opens at 6pm. Hope to see you there. 

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Fishing Report Week17 April 21st 2024

plenty of anglers put their fishing skills to work in our estuaries.

Shane Mayberry holding a 63cm Mulloway he caught up the Bega River on Saturday whilst fishing in the Pirtek Challenge raising money for prostate cancer.

With the Pirtek Fishing Challenge on over the weekend, plenty of anglers put their fishing skills to work in our estuaries to try and lure out those large bream, dusky flathead, tailor, whiting, blackfish, and salmon. The weather was a bit average on Saturday and perfect on Sunday, with the fishing being good. Merimbula lake fished really well. I heard of some large dusky flathead caught and lost, bream up to 40cm, tailor trawling around the top lake edges and even blackfish on lures. Bega river was a little harder, but plenty of bream around the edges, only small dusky flathead, occasional mulloway, and mullet on lures. Good luck to those who entered fish.

Outside the sand flathead are still good in numbers off Tura Heads to Bournda Island, fishing in depths of 30 to 40 meters, with sand flathead to 50cm in size. There are also odd gurnard and gummy sharks for some anglers.

The reef fishing is still pretty slow off Long Point and Haycock. With the water cooling to around 18 degrees it should not be long before some nice snapper turn up. At the moment the snapper are very patchy, but a feed can still be caught with morwong, odd nannygai, and leatherjackets.

There are still plenty of salmon and fewer bonito being caught from our wharfs and headlands and trawling around the headlands for the boaters, and the beaches have salmon, tailor and plenty of mullet moving north for there spawn run. Beach worms as bait will catch the mullet and remember they must be 30cm long to keep. Also, odd whiting and bream could be caught on the beach worms as well.

With the cooling waters the bass fishing is slowing down a bit, but they are still being caught when the insects are moving around during the day at Brogo dam and in the local rivers. The trout at Lake Eucumbene are biting better with the cooler water temperatures, rainbow and brown trout are being caught trawling with tassie devils early and late afternoons and off the banks using mudeyes and power bait. 

The game fishing has slowed right up now with the water cooling down, with temperatures of 19 to 21 degrees and it being very patchy the marlin fishing has slowed up. If you find some bait balling action, there might be a marlin or two in amongst the seals, but they have thinned right out. Now we wait for the yellow fin tuna to turn up. With the full moon only days away the chance of a first tuna is possible over the next week trawling inside and over the second drop off could start your season. Or heading wide for an investigative trip you might get lucky.

The Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club is open every Friday night, come down and enjoy a raffle and catch up on the week’s fishing reports. Everyone is welcome. 

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Fishing Report Week 16 April 14 th 2024

Fabulous weather over the weekend saw great fishing on the far south coast.

Lachlan Wilkins with a nice 720mm Dolphin fish he caught at the Merimbula FAD on Sunday.

Fabulous weather over the weekend saw great fishing on the far south coast. Flathead fishing outside saw reports of good catches of sand flathead, with fish of 40 to 50 centimeters in a depth of around forty meters of water. Best areas were just north of Bournda Island to Tura Heads. The water temperature has dropped to around 20 degrees in shore. There was next to no current and the fish were patchy, but when you found a patch, you could bag out quickly. 

Our reefs at Merimbula are still ticking over with a mixed bag of morwong, wrasse, leatherjackets and occasional snapper being caught over the weekend. The best bait was squid and drifting across the reefs using a paternoster rig.

Salmon and bonito can still be caught trawling around the headlands at Long Point, Merimbula and Tura Heads. Trawling 100mm long skirted lures at 6 knots seem to be getting the fish. 

Our beaches are still providing some good salmon and tailor while fishing the rising tide using pilchards and surf poppers as bait.  Casting 30 gram lures around the edges of the gutters is also catching a few.

Our estuaries at Merimbula, Pambula and Tathra are all fishing well. There are a lot of bream and blackfish being seen in the channels on a falling tide and are being caught with trevally and dusky flathead using nippers and pilchard cubes as bait. There are also salmon in the Merimbula and Pambula Lake channels, and the odd mulloway being caught in the Merimbula top lake and around the bridge at the Tathra river.

The marlin fishing season is now slowing down, with the water temperature starting to drop. With it now sitting around 21 degrees. The bait is still there but the seals and gannets are ruthless. The odd marlin are still being caught but not the numbers like a few weeks back. The Merimbula FAD is still holding a few dolphin fish, but they are pretty spooky. Live baiting is the best way to catch them. 

 Next weekend the Pirtek Fishing Challenge is on, so grab an entry and help support prostate cancer research. Friday nights the Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club is open from 6pm, come down for a social drink at our licensed bar and enjoy a raffle and a social chat.  Catch up with the past weeks fishing reports. All are welcome.

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